Oh Wow: The Official 3,187 Piece LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina Playset

This is the LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina playset dropping October 1st for a cool $350. The 3,187-piece playset includes a hinge-opening Mos Eisley Cantina along with removeable roof, 21 minifigs (seven unique to the set, three with unique molded elements), a V-35 Landspeeder, Dewback, AND MORE. “Like what?” I don’t know, more — go look at the LEGO website yourself and read the whole description, including, and I quote, “Han fired first.” Wait so is fired more PC than shot, or did the person writing the product description really not know that much about their subject material? Because as a person who knows absolutely nothing about anything he writes, I can respect that.

Keep going for a bunch more shots, including all the minifigs, as well as a stop-motion video of the set building itself, as created by some builder that was lucky enough to be sent the set early by LEGO.