I feel like I'm about to break it and I'm just watching a video.
Interstellar And Harry Potter Themes Performed On A Crystal Baschet

These are two videos of musician Marc Chouarain performing the Interstellar and Harry Potter themes on a crystal baschet (aka crystal organ). What’s a crystal baschet? Hey — I donated, Wikipedia, don’t you side-eye me:

Models of the crystal organs range from 3.5 to 6 octaves and are made of 56 chromatically tuned glass rods. To play it, musicians rub the rods with wet fingertips.

Metal rods are embedded in a heavy plate to form the elements. Each metal rod is accompanied by an attached glass rod. The metal rod’s length, weight and position at the equilibrium point determine the sound’s pitch. The glass rod is gently stroked with a wet finger to produce sound.

The vibration of the rod with greater amplitude and weaker pressure is transmitted into the metal fitting. This causes a transformation in the vibrations and the shape of the wave produced. The vibrations propagating through the metal have a high pressure and a weak amplitude. This amplification in pressure is the result of fiberglass cones that are fixed in a wood frame alongside a tall, cut-out metal part in the shape of a flame. “Whiskers,” placed on the side of the instrument, amplify high-pitched sounds.

Fascinating. The sound the instrument produces is really…out of this world. Get it? Because he plays the Interstellar theme. The sound it makes when he’s playing the Harry Potter theme is– “Absolutely magical!” DAMMIT *pounding keyboard* WELL WHY DON’T YOU JUST WRITE THE WHOLE NEXT ARTICLE FOR ME THEN?