"I just love paper in all it's forms, the way it feels, the way it sounds."
Paper Folding Artist’s Absolutely Incredible Work

This is a VICE video highlighting the work of Wales-based paper sculptor Polly Verity, who creases and folds paper with the very best of them. Per Polly: “The actual act of putting a crease into a piece of paper, committing to that crease, and just running along that line — it’s something that I’ll never get bored of.” Could you imagine? You’d never be bored in your life! For reference, I’m bored out of my mind right now and I’m riding an actual roller coaster. Just watch the first twenty seconds of the video to get a taste of both the geometric pattern and organic shape folding Polly is capable of. Most impressive. Personally, I can only make paper footballs and ninja stars, and if I’m being completely honest I’ve forgotten how to make ninja stars.