Rose from Titanic is into this.
Pilot Flies Plane Through Road Tunnel To Set World Record

Because apparently Red Bull really does give you wings, this is a video of Red Bull race and stunt pilot Dario Costa taking off inside one of the Çatalca Tunnels on the Northern Marmara Motorway near Instanbul, Turkey, exiting that tunnel, then flying all the way through the following 1,730 meter tunnel in 44 seconds at a speed of around 245km/h (~152MPH), carefully and quickly adjusting for crosswinds between the tunnels and air bumps inside. For reference, I once drove through a tunnel at 10MPH under the speed limit in the left lane and had sweaty palms the whole time, but did Red Bull sponsor my act of bravery? Nooooooooo, and you know why? “You’re a diehard Monster Energy drinker.” I’m getting the logo tattooed on my face.

Keep going for the official video as well as some behind the scenes coverage.