I'm flying, Jack!
Pilot Takes Off In 2.5-Feet, Lands In 16.5-Feet For Short Take Off And Landing Competition

Note: Keep your volume down.

Because everybody needs a hobby and some people own planes, this is a video of pilot and short takeoff and landing (STOL) competitor Steve Henry using his Wild West Aircraft Highlander plane with Edge Performance EPeX Yamaha engine and 15-20MPH winds to successfully land in 16.5-feet, then take off in only 2.5-feet. For reference, my– “Let me guess, penis is longer and wider?” I mean I don’t want him trying to land that plane on it, but yes.

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  1. tyr2180

    This is the kind of thing you can watch for the first time in your life and end up watching for three hours in the middle of the night…