License and registration.
Practicing Teen Driver Almost Crashes Into Back Of Police Car

This is some dashcam footage of a teen driver out practicing with his dad when he almost runs into the back of a police SUV. As far as things you don’t want to do while driving, that’s certainly one of them. Per his dad: “Slow down. Brake! BRAAAAAAAKE! *heavy breathing* What were you doing? Trying to hit the cop?!” I remember one time when I was practicing driving with my dad I ran up on a curb and scraped the shit out of the rims on the passenger side. It took me four tries to get my license. But look at me now! “Still driving on the sidewalk.” It’s like my own little lane.

Keep going for a super-short version, as well as a longer 3-minute version in case you need more.

Thanks to JustA, who actually acts as my personal chauffeur because I hate driving.