Come on!
Real Mature: Guy Gets Living Statue To Break Character With Fart

Frozen penises and farts, clearly we’re covering all the hard-hitting posts today. This is a short video of a Chicago Bulls fan making a living statue break character by pulling up beside her and releasing a squeaker. As far as maturity level goes, this is clearly ground floor, maybe a walk-up second story if the first floor has low ceilings. Me? My maturity level is more 32nd story penthouse. “You belong in the basement with the rest of the riff-raff.” Mom!

@ladbible His face at the end is too funny 😂 🎥 u/mainon_rambam #ladbible #fyp #foryoupage #troller #pranked #publicprank ♬ original sound – LADbible

Thanks to JustA, who agrees the school of living statues should have prepared her for that.