School crossing? Check. Red light? Check.
Record For Fastest Lap Around Manhattan Beats Previous Record By 3+ Minutes

This is a video of lead-footed JTThornton setting the record for the fastest 24.5 mile lap around Manhattan during the height of the COVID pandemic in 2020 (there was never a better time to drive fast), averaging 69MPH in a McLaren 720S and reaching speeds up to 149MPH. Just to be clear, that is entirely unsafe. Thornton set a time of 21 minutes 3.16 seconds, beating the previous record by over three minutes, while hitting 24 out of a possible 58 red lights (compared to the previous record holder’s 6). Of course the previous record holder didn’t have the advantage of reduced traffic due to COVID, so this record should probably have an asterisk next to it, not unlike the pissing contest record I set after swallowing a Super Soaker.