I don't even know Goldilocks, I swear!
Rescue Bear Chasing Caretaker For Ice Cream Cone

This is a video of 1.5-year old rescue circus bear Tom playfully chasing caretaker Sergey Karsanov for his ice cream cone. In Sergey’s own words while I wish the wild bears I’ve met were so fun-loving and playful, and less mauly.

This is a circus bear Tom, he is 1.5 years old. He is very kind and not dangerous. We decided to do such a video as he runs after me and then eats ice cream.

I’m sure Tom probably is kind and not dangerous, but I still can’t imagine running with a bear chasing me. That’s just not the sort of thing I think I could ever get used to, like waking up– “Next to someone who loves you.” Okaaay, I was going to say to a house fire because I passed out with the stove on, but I really appreciate the vote of confidence in my updated eHarmony profile.