Note to self: do not bring Airsoft to a real gunfight.
Barrel To Barrel: Shooting Plastic Airsoft Gun Replicas With Their Real-Life Counterparts

This is a three part video series from the folks at Fuzzy Dice Pastimes of the crew shooting a bunch of plastic Airsoft gun replicas with the closest real-life version of the guns they could get their hands on (at least for the first two videos, the last is kind of a free-for-all). Unsurprisingly, none of the Airsoft guns fare well, but they all do, wait for it — wait for it — farewell. OMG I’m still laughing about that. “That’s because you’re a simpleton.” A simpleton, or a ton of simple? I swear, I could wordplay all day long. “But not foreplay apparently.” Honey! “What?” Boners and butterflies only live for so long.

Thanks to my pal Terry, whose birthday is today and all I got him was this lousy shoutout, which, if we’re being completely honest, is far more than he deserves.