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Shot Of Bird Catching A Ride On An Airborne Branch Being Carried By Larger Bird

This is a shot captured by southeast Michigan wildlife photographer Jocelyn Anderson (links to her website with prints available) of a red-winged blackbird catching a ride on a branch being carried by a much larger osprey. Obviously, Scooter from Borderlands is into this. Some more info:

“Red-winged blackbirds are fiercely defensive of their nests and will attack much larger birds in order to keep their young ones safe,” the photographer says. “The osprey was carrying a large stick for nest renovations, and as the pair flew closer I could see the blackbird weaving and calling at the osprey.

“At one point the Blackbird looked like it landed on the large stick, taking a rest from all its maneuvers. I was surprised at how far the blackbird followed the osprey from its original nesting location — maybe it was enjoying the free ride!”

Heck yeah, free rides are the best rides. I mean besides amusement park rides. Amusement park rides are the actual best rides. And what about free amusement park rides? That is like died and gone to heaven status. Traveling carnival rides? That IS how you die and go to heaven.

For more of Jocelyn’s nature photography be sure to check out her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Thanks to my dad, who agrees work smarter, not harder.