Soccer Player Blasts Shot In From Just Inside Halfway Line

Note: Keep your volume in check, announcer goal celebration.

This is a clip from a recent Liga MX (the top professional division of the Mexican football league system) match starring club América midfielder Richard Sánchez rocketing a shot in from just inside the halfway line after spotting the goalie too far out of the goal to stop an overhead assault. That that must have been a victorious feeling. Me? When I played soccer in my youth the coach would just yell at me for picking dandelions instead of engaging the ball. Then when I would engage the ball it just be blindly kicking in a tangle of arms and legs and next thing you know I’ve kicked Eric Adams in the face and he’s bleeding AND he’s on my team AND he’s the coach’s son. Obviously, I didn’t get much play time after that game. Ate a ton of orange slices though and never had scurvy.