*shrug* We all make decisions we have to live with.
Woman Shows Off Her Pre-COVID Metaphorical Anti-Mask Tattoo

Competing a TikTok challenge to show off “the dumbest tattoo you’ve ever gotten,” this is a short video of 25-year old Leah Holland of Kentucky displaying the “Courageously and radically refuse to wear a mask” tattoo she got on her arm, in reference to the metaphorical masks we all wear every day and Leah’s effort to be true to herself and not pretend to be something that she’s not. Leah got the tattoo on March 4th, 2020 before the COVID pandemic was in full-effect, and the tattoo obviously seems to have a different, much more literal meaning now. That is unfortunate for her. I mean unless she’s an anti-masker and/or looking to be the unmasked face of anti-maskers, in which case it could be a blessing in disguise (perhaps wearing a mask) for her. I don’t think that’s the case though. My point is this: I feel even courageous when I’m wearing a superhero mask, and double so with a matching cape.