Spanish-Speaking Customer Helps Translate Taco Bell Drive-Thru Order

In feel-good news, this is a video of a Spanish-speaking customer at a Taco Bell in Kenosha, Wisconsin putting on an employee’s headset and helping translate a drive-thru order. That is beautiful. Per the translator’s wife:

“My husband and our family went to Taco Bell for dinner. The workers were asking each other if they spoke Spanish and everyone said no. He was by the counter waiting for our food and said I do. The young lady asked ‘Will you do it?’ He said yes because he didn’t want the person to be stuck waiting and leave with no food. Kindness goes a long way. Workers where happy and customer too!”

Good people. Also, I’m afraid I have no choice but to go to Taco Bell for lunch now. The seed has been planted, and that seed is going to grow into a taco tree, bearing a bountiful harvest of farts this afternoon. Obviously, I’d steer clear of the farmer’s market if I were you.