Oh heck yeah, count me in!
Speed-Loving Maniac Takes Jet-Powered ‘Dragon’ Jet Kart For A Test Spin

This is a video of Robert “Rocketman” Maddox (who you may recall from his 90MPH jet-powered go-kart or rocket-powered skateboard) taking his latest deathtrap out for a test spin. ‘The Dragon’ (which doesn’t have brakes or a seatbelt yet, but why would that stop a Rocketman?) is powered by a 270-pound thrust engine with a massive exhaust that travels right beneath the driver’s privates. When reached for comment about the ride, Robert promised if I hit 88MPH the vibration from the exhaust would guarantee my sperm produce astronauts.

Keep going for the video. He actually starts driving the thing at 2:30, with a surprise fuel burnoff at 2:40.