Well consider my heart webbed!
Spider-Cat: Rescue Cat With Wonky Back Legs Walks Like A Spider

This is a video of Aries the rescue cat, who, due to malformed joints in his back legs, appears to walk like a spider. I don’t know about you, but that’s one spider I’d gladly welcome into my home.

Aries appears to be completely aware of his disability. In fact, he is far more adventurous than many other house cats. He loves to go outside. He doesn’t mind being put in a carrier and/or harness because it means that he can run on the beach, go to the park or even go for a boat ride. He’s also very happy to stay at home where he can eat all the shrimp he wants.

Happy endings — it certainly sounds like Aries is living the life now. Me? I really don’t want to go into it, and not just because it would be depressing to compare my own life to a disabled cat’s and still draw the short straw, but I just made a spreadsheet and I’m losing in every category except ‘Doesn’t like like a spider.’