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The World’s Most Advanced Water Gun Costs $179, Has Halo Inspired Tactical Display

Building on the success of its predecessors, the SpyraThree is a fully automatic water gun that can blast 30ml water squirts up to 30 feet (50 feet with a sniper ‘power shot’). The battery powered gun (USB rechargable) can reload itself in just 10 seconds by submerging the barrel in water, pressurizing itself at the same time to shoot at 34.8PSI. It also features a Halo inspired tactical display that shows both number of shots left, and battery life. A full battery should get about 2000 shots, or way more water gun fight than I’ll ever have in me.

You’ll get three fire modes: “freestyle” fires a single shot; burst fires a three-round burst that’d make Master Chief very happy; and a “League mode” simulates ammo clips and occasionally needs “reload” periods. Spyra adds on its page that, “Individual shots are strong but not painful. Part of the fun factor is that you feel the hit, but shouldn’t be knocked out by it.”

That sounds like fun. What doesn’t sound fun is coughing up the $179 price tag. I remember when the Super Soaker 50 came out in 1989 it was like $20 bucks. Plus if you pressurized the tank and unscrewed it fast enough you could shoot it like a rocket at a friend’s face. Now that was a good time.

Thanks to my dad, who agrees they need to make a shotgun version.