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This Yomega Yo-Yo Commercial: The 90’s In A Nutshell

This is a commercial for the Yomega Brain yo-yo (Amazon ad link) aired during Saturday morning cartoons in the 90’s. It perfectly encapsulates the nineties in a now painful to watch 30-second ad. God, I was one of those kids. Toss in a kid with terrible hand-foot coordination playing hacky sack by himself against a bank of lockers and you have all four years of my high school lunch periods in a nutshell. You know, I can actually remember this ad playing on television in the mid 90’s. They said it was the first yo-yo with a brain, and I tried suing Yomega for false advertising because that yo-yo failed every single Algebra test I used it to cheat on. Some brain — it just told me to doodles penises all over the scantron!