Quick, I'll distract him and you steal a piece.
Timelapse Of Man Assembling A Giant 42,000-Piece Puzzle Of World Landmarks

This is a timelapse video of puzzler Andre F assembling ‘Around The World’ by Educa, a 42,000-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring world landmarks, available on Amazon HERE for $500. The product page says the puzzle is divided into seven bags, each representing a different horizontal portion of the puzzle for easier assembly, but Andre here wasn’t trying to make things easy, and dumped all the pieces together and sorted them himself. HARDCORE. Andre says he spent about two months sorting the pieces, and nine months assembling the puzzle, with a total time investment of around 500 hours. The completed puzzle measures 7.49m x 1.57m (24.6ft x 5.2ft), meaning it’s too large to assemble in any room in my house. For reference, I finished this 1,000 piece puzzle (links to Instagram) in a single day. Does that make me a puzzle god? My girlfriend is shaking her head no, but *grabbing space heater and blanket for night in garage* she’s wrong about most of the things we argue about.