Stack attack!
1-Minute Timelapse Of Man Stacking 1,512 Jenga Blocks On Single Vertical Piece

This is a one minute timelapse video (played at 120X) of Hong Kong Jenga stacker Mengaman allegedly stacking 1,512 Jenga blocks (a world record) on a single vertical piece over the course of an hour and twenty minutes, before it collapses while he’s taking pictures and video of it. Impressive. Also, I like how the video shows his current heart rate while he’s stacking. There towards the end he’s almost constantly in the 120-130+ beats/minute range. That’s like a workout. For reference, my heart beats at around 1,200 beats per minute because I’m a hummingbird. Well not really (I bet I had you there for a second), but hummingbirds do reach a heart rate of 1,200+ beats/minute while in flight. That’s 20 beats a second! How can a heart even beat so fast? I mean sure, mine was probably twice that the first time I ever saw my girlfriend’s boobs, but that was once in a lifetime and I have the stent to prove it.

Keep going for the timelapse, as well a real-time version in case you’re looking for a boring way to kill an hour and a half.