"Look, I do a lot of my own stunts, but I also do a lot of industrial cleanup, okay? It's important."
Tom Cruise Deepfake Discussing Industrial Cleanup Is Hard To Believe It Isn’t Him

This is a video of Tom Cruise lookalike/impersonator Miles Fisher going the extra mile with the help of video effects specialist Chris Ume and being deepfaked into a version of the actor discussing industrial cleaning. I think the reason the result is so uncanny is because Miles already looks so much like Tom to begin with (picture below) that the changes that needed to be made aren’t so dramatic. But what do I know? I’m not a deepfake expert, I’m just a man who needs one of his great aunt saying she leaves her entire estate to me instead of her cats.

Keep going for the video, but if you’re into this check out their deeptomcruise TikTok for even more.


Keep your hands clean.

♬ original sound – Tom