The whistles go WOOOOO!!
Top 10 Car Design Trends That Need To Go, According To Edmunds Auto Expert

This is a video of Edmunds automotive expert Mark Takahashi discussing the top ten current car design trends that he believes need to go. They are (in order in case you want to skip to a certain section): fake vents, big grills, thick roof pillars, glossy piano black interior trim (or any reflective trim), flat-bottom steering wheels, replacing quick-use climate and audio control buttons with touchscreens, analog clocks, light colored dashboards, 4-door coupes, and big key fobs. My car does’t have any of these, because my car was manufactured in the 90’s and is a bicycle. Do you agree or disagree with Mark’s picks? Honestly, I’d argue the number one car design trend that needs to go is any one THAT INVOLVES THE CAR NOT HOVERING. Your time is up, scientists, you have until the release of the 2021 models before we have no choice but to turn to the dark arts for the future of transportation.