I'm flying, Jack!
Whoa: Flying Snake Launches Itself 30-Feet From Tree Branch

This is a short video of a paradise tree snake (Chrysopelea paradisi) with strips of reflective tape around its body launching itself off a tree branch and traveling some 30-feet horizontally while in the air, thanks to a complex series of undulations. Some more info while I undulate all sexy-like until my girlfriend asks me to work from the basement for the rest of the day:

To record the snakes’ twists and turns, Yeaton, then at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, and colleagues affixed reflective tape on the snakes’ backs and used high-speed cameras to capture the motion.
Physicists had previously discovered that the tree snakes flatten their bodies as they leap, generating lift. The new experiment reveals that the snakes also exert a complex combination of movements as they soar. Gliding snakes undulate their bodies both side to side and up and down, the researchers found, and move their tails above and below the level of their heads.

I like the guy whose job it is to run out and collect the snake after it jumps. I wonder if that’s an honor or a short straw situation. Regardless, it’s crazy to think that snakes aren’t on a plane — snakes are planes. Dum dum dum! “It’s like you actually try to get dumber every day.” I don’t try, it’s just a natural byproduct of my live fast, die young, don’t even leave a corpse because I blew up so completely in a jet-powered car jump lifestyle.