Play it again, Sam!
Top Ten Saloon Songs Performed On A Period-Appropriate 1915 Piano

This is a video of pianist Vinheteiro (previously) performing a medley of the ten most popular saloon songs by Scott Joplin on a period-appropriate 1915 Barthol & Berlin upright piano. I swear, ‘The Entertainer’ gets me every time. It just makes me so happy. Now close your eyes while you listen to this and imagine you’re smoking a cigar and playing poker in an old west saloon. You were just dealt a full house, and you’re about to win the pot. I accuse you of cheating and shoot you, an ace falling from of my sleeve as I draw my gun. You die on the table while I spit in the direction of the spitoon and miss, hitting an outlaw’s boot and being rewarded with hot lead for my poor aim. My God, what a time to be alive but dead at any moment!