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Trippy AI Generated Music Video For All Of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon

This is an appropriately trippy AI generated music video for the entirety of Pink Floyd’s 1973 The Dark Side Of The Moon, created by 12 different artists, each in charge of visualizing a different song using their own art as input. It’s, uh, it’s definitely a trip. Maybe not as wild a trip as watching the individual noodles in your macaroni salad trying to climb off your plate and leap into the grass at a cookout while do your best to play it cool because your girlfriend doesn’t know you’re tripping, but for a music video it’s up there. Plus way easier to explain on the ride home than a pocketful of rogue macaroni salad.

Artists and Timecode:

itspoidaman – 0:00 (Speak to Me)
johannezz – 1:15 (Breathe)
Ryunuck & Shellworld – 3:59 (On the Run)
ronnykhalil- 7:33 (Time Part 1)
Hueman Instrument – 10:03 (Time Part 2)
PixelsAndSynths – 14:38 (The Great Gig in the Sky)
Artificial_Invader – 19:23 (Money Part 1)
AI Manifest – 23:11 (Money P)
Visual Frisson – 25:26 (Us and Them Part 1)
SynthGarden – 30:07 (Us and Them Part 2)
Hueman Instrument – 33:36 (Any Colour You Like)
Kitchen – 37:01 (Brain Damage)
Medjed – 40:52 (Eclipse)