Where's Goldilocks?!
Two Little Dogs Chase Bear Out Of California Home

This is some Nest security cam footage from the home of Deedee Mueller in Pasadena, California of a partially hairless bear (Fuzzy Wuzzy, is that you?!) entering the house through the open kitchen door, and then being chased out by her two small terriers, Squirt and Mei Mei. Admittedly, an OKAY guard dog job, but that bear was in the house for quite some time before they finally woke up and chased it out. I mean if that had been Goldilocks your furniture would be ruined. My dogs? My dogs would have been barking at that bear before it was even in the neighborhood. My dogs are barking now just thinking about somebody, anybody, is anywhere remotely near the house. My dogs are barking. It never stops. It never stops.