My thirst is insatiable!
Nailed It: Cat Fails Miserably At Drinking From Kitchen Faucet

This is a video of 4-year old Swindon, England feline resident Kylo failing miserably to drink from the kitchen faucet. Per caretaker Sarah Wallis, who Kylo should clearly be thankful is caretaking:

“He insists on only drinking from the kitchen tap but hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet,” Wallis said. “Every day once he’s been fed he sits on the sink and meows at us until we turn on the water for him!”

Wallis told Storyful Kylo will often chomp on the water for a bit then let it run off his head.

When reached for comment about the video, my mom had this to say: “Awww, bless his heart,” which is the polite southern way of saying is there something wrong with your cat? There isn’t though, I assume he’s just misguided like his namesake Kylo Ren, who he does look like.