Your mother must be worried sick!
Visor Cam Footage From Motorcycle Racer Doing 180MPH In Isle Of Man TT Race Is Pure Insanity

Because some people feel the need for speed (I only feel the need for sleep), this is some inside-the-visor camera footage from 2024’s current fastest Isle Of Man TT motorcycle racer Davey Todd. The video is insane. Now, I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have the fastest reflexes on the planet and won’t kick until I’m in bed at night after the doctor whacks my knee with his little hammer, but how can anybody react fast enough to not die in these races? Stuff is coming at you SO FAST. Or, rather, you are coming at stuff SO FAST. That stuff is not pillows either, that stuff is rock walls and trees. TL;DR: I regularly get honked at doing 35 in a 55.