Here it comes!
Watch A Massive Amount Of Snow Slide Off A Warehouse Roof At All Once

This is a video from Japan of a group of men who have gathered to watch another man get all the snow that’s fallen on a warehouse roof to slide off. It takes what feels like eternity (skip to 0:50), but that snow comes down in a hurry when it finally does. It was like part of a glacier breaking off into the ocean, except snow from the top of a warehouse into a parking lot. Hopefully they have a snowplow to clean all that up or they aren’t going to be getting anything in or out of that warehouse anytime soon. Or maybe that was the plan all along. ‘Oh dangit, looks like the internet’s out, guess I’ll just go back to bed,’ I daydream every morning while pretending to trip over my router’s ethernet cord.

Thanks to my dad, who agrees there are few things in life more satisfying than a job well done.