Waterbender Performs In Above Ground Pool With Inflatable Tube

This is a video of an aspiring waterbender experimenting with an inflatable tube in an above ground pool, managing to perfectly sync his jumping with the return of the wave against the sides of the pool. So satisfying. Well, as satisfying as a pasty shirtless man jumping up and down in an a tiny above ground pool can be, at least.

Keep going for the original as well as a slo-mo version in case you needed that.

@hoodedasmr Water bending 🌊 #bvm #apifamily #fyp #asmr #relaxing #relax ♬ original sound – Hooded ASMR

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Note: Video HERE in case your browser doesn’t want you thinking about skipping out on work today and going to buy an inflatable pool.

Thanks to JustA, who agrees this guy must rule at waterparks.