I wanted that shirt so bad when I was a kid!
Weird Al Yankovic Coverage Take For ‘Eat It’ Music Video

This is a coverage take for Weird Al Yankovic’s music video for ‘Eat It’. What’s a coverage take? Let me copy/paste that for you while I, inspired by the video, pound two boxes of Girl Scout Cookies for breakfast:

Basically this is a take where the director just points the camera at the star of the video, who just does anything they feel like doing for the duration of the song. It’s insurance, in case for some reason the production runs out of time and doesn’t get all the shots they were hoping to get.

Honestly, this would have made a fine music video by itself. Way better than the music videos they make today. Do they even make music videos today? Does MTV still exist anymore? “Youtube does.” Touché. My butt. Go on — touché it. Firm, isn’t it? “Like a trash bag full of Jello.” And all I had to do was buy a gym membership — I don’t even go!

Keep going for this video, as well as Michael Jackson’s original ‘Beat It’, and the actual ‘Eat It’ video that made it to air.