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Whoa: Man Shows Off Impressive VR Flying Simulator Rig

Note: Hey guys I’ve been sick with a sickness the past few days that makes my head a cloud and difficult to even look at a computer screen. I’ll do what I can today but I’ll be back tomorrow after the doctor gives me the good stuff, which is what I tell him I need while I wink suspiciously.

This is a short video of a man with a virtual reality flight simulator setup that looks way cooler in VR than it does in real life. I suppose that’s the thing about VR, because in real life my apartment looks like a dump, but in virtual reality it– wait, it still looks like garbage. What the hell? I demand virtual reality, not reality-reality! And where’s my hot babe of a girlfriend? *AHEM* Oh there you are dear. I couldn’t see you over all the pizza boxes.