She's doing it! SHE'S DOING IT!
Woman Simultaneously Spins 8 Hula Hoops On All Her Extremities

This is a video of a hooper smoothly spinning eight hula hoops on all of her extremities: two on her extended foot, one on each of her upper arms, and two on each of her wrists, all without them colliding and ruining the peformance. Impressive! Now she just needs to learn how to levitate so she can spin some on her other leg too, and wait for Cirque du Soleil’s call. Me? I only learned how to hula hoop a few years ago, and I’m lucky to even keep one hoop off the ground. Same goes for my pants. I need a belt. I keep asking for one for Christmas, but nooooo, just more socks. I don’t even wear socks and my shoes always smell.