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World Record Holder For Tallest Domestic Cat

This is a video highlighting the life of Fenrir Antares Powers, a Savannah cat whose name is as long as Fenrir is tall, being the current Guinness World Record holder for tallest living domestic cat. Fenrir measures a respectable 47.83 cm (18.83 in) from toe beans to withers (top of the shoulder blade), and acts as a therapy cat for his human caretaker’s medical practice. Some more info while I wonder if my cats could be world record holders in anything besides getting me up too early, and furthest distance a turd has been found from the litter box:

This guy follows me room to room, hops up on the exam table when I greet the patient, and gets to work on making them feel safe and comfortable. …He will see patients with me, following me room to room until he starts to tire out, then he’ll usually stay in one room and curl up on a chair somewhere and snooze until lunchtime.

It’s crazy to think all these people have such good, well behaved pets and I have a bunch that seem to have escaped from the gates of hell. “You know, they say pets take after their owners.” Oh really? So they probably feel like attacking you now too.