120,000 Piece LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride With Real Water

This is a tour of the absolutely massive 120,000 piece Disneyland Pirates Of The Caribbean water ride reconstructed in LEGO by Joel Nueber. The ride features all the different sections of the actual ride (including waterfall drop!), and includes a water-filled river (made waterproof with strips of pond liner) for the LEGO boats to travel in. WOW. Start at 12:00 he even does a side-by-side comparison from a LEGO boat in his ride and the actual ride at Disneyland. Most impressive, and LEGO would be foolish to not make this an actual set I can buy. Granted, they’d be even more foolish to make it an actual set I can buy, so I imagine this must be a real Catch-22 for them.

Thanks to DW, who agrees with enough money, you too can make your lifelong dreams come true.