That bear's not gonna make it to the woods to poop tonight.
Bear Steals Taco Bell Delivery From Home’s Front Porch

Tired of the same old cold cut sandwiches pilfered from picnic baskets, this is a video of Yogi Bear stealing a family’s $45 Uber Eats Taco Bell delivery from their front porch in Orlando, Florida. Was there a Mexican Pizza in that bag? I should certainly hope so! And two handfuls of Fire packets. Still, this really is the family’s fault. I mean if I’m having Taco Bell delivered you better believe I’m peeping out the window the entire time, and opening the door and snatching the bag as soon as the delivery driver turns around. If there’s enough time in between delivery and you retrieving the food THAT A WILD BEAR CAN MEANDER BY AND TAKE IT, were you even hungry to begin with? Also, to answer the age-old question, Does a bear sh!t in the woods? The answer is there’s no way this one made it back in time.