Encore! Encore!
28-Year Old Rescue Donkey Serenades Rescuer With His Sweet Song

These are several videos of Monte, a 28-year old donkey rescued by Pinky Ruggles of Conroe, Texas, when he was 26. Since his adoption he’s learned that serenading Pinky with his sweet baritone song earns him treats, so he often comes to the front door to perform. And he’s clever enough to sing softly if there are any other animals around, because he doesn’t want them to get any of his treats. That reminds me of myself. I mean, if I were a donkey. “Well you are an ass.” My girlfriend, everybody, she always goes for the low-hanging fruit. “Speaking of–” What’s that supposed to mean? “I think you know what it means.” Was it about my nuts?! “No.” Still wasn’t cool, whatever it was.

Keep going for two strictly singing videos, followed by a video all about handsome Monte.

@montethesingingdonkey #montethesingingdonkey was READY for this one 🤣. Love hus enthusiasm! 🥰#emptybowlblues #yardgoblin #nourisheveryyou #donkeytok #fyp #texas ♬ original sound – Monte The Singing Donkey

@montethesingingdonkey Some OG porch #emptybowlblues bc it’s new hay day!🤩 #montethesingingdonkey #PostitAffirmations #yardgoblin #farmyardopera #texas #donkeytok ♬ original sound – Monte The Singing Donkey