Sit! I said sit!
$74,500: Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot Now Available For Sale

Because who doesn’t have $74,500 burning a hole in their pocket and Veruca Salt for a child demanding a robotic pet dog, Boston Dynamics has announced their Spot robot is now available for sale (it was previously only available for lease). The ‘explorer’ version of Spot is shipping now and comes ‘ready to go right out of the box’, which is probably a relief for those who were afraid it may have to be assembled like a LEGO set with no instructions. Thankfully, my buddy Closet Nerd offered to go 1/74,500ths with me, so now we just need 74,498 other people to go in with us and you too will have the opportunity to play with Spot *crunching the numbers* one day every 204 years.

Thanks to Closet Nerd, who agrees the end is nigh. So, so nigh.