Now that looks like a party I want to be invited to!
8-Minute Compilation Of Baby Goats Jumping In Slow Motion

Because sometimes you need a palate cleanser (or vaccine) after exposure to the rest of the internet, this is an 8-minute compilation of baby goats jumping around in slow motion at the Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine. According to one of their caretakers, “The amount of effort a baby goat puts into each hop is astounding, and only fully observed by slowing down their motion so you can see every twist and turn clearly. They leap so bravely forward. Even the youngest six who are one week old, are full of twists and turns and side kicks.” You know, I never took the time to fully appreciate baby goat jumps until now, but they truly are spectacular. I mean I always knew they were great, but in slow motion there’s just so many subtle nuances. Like a fine wine, but no matter how long you watch, you don’t get drunk. Trust me, I chugged this video for 16 minutes straight.