A Marble Maze Inside A Bent Copper Wire Cube

This is a video from Little Ball Creations, who constructs marble mazes like the one seen here out of carefully bent and soldered copper wire. That’s cool, I wouldn’t mind one of those on my desk (and if you’re interested in one you can contact him through Facebooks). You know what else I wouldn’t mind on my desk? “One of those clacking ball toys?” It’s called a Newton’s Cradle, and I already have eight of various sizes. No, what I really want is– “One of those drinking bird toys!” Please *waves hand to reveal drinking bird toy collection* can you even call your desk a desk without twenty of these thirsty mammer-jammers bobbing around? “Wow, with so much stuff on your desk, how do you ever get any work done?” It isn’t easy. Or even possible. I just sort of sit here unable to reach my mouse or keyboard for eight hours then go home.