Finally, the perfect title.
Free Bird!: Room Full Of Birds Play Electric Guitars As They Perch On The Strings

These are several videos of French artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot’s traveling museum exhibition ‘From Here To Ear’, which consists of a large room full of 70 zebra finches flying around and playing electric guitars as they perch and peck at the instruments’ strings and visitors walk around enjoying the impromptu jam session. That’s cool. I actually had a very similar exhibit once but instead of zebra finches it was raccoons playing the guitars and it turns out a couple of them were rabid and bit visitors and it turned into a whole big thing. I mean is that really MY fault? Because the court ruled yes.

Keep going for several videos, including an inteview with the artist, and a timelapse of how the exhibit is installed in a museum space.

Thanks to my dad, for taking me and my brother to a Jimi Hendrix cover band concert when we were in middle school.