I could go for a nap right now.
Timelapse Visualizing What Percentage Of The World Is Asleep As A Day Progresses

This is a visualization created by climate data scientist Neil Kaye using a world map to detail what percentage of the world’s population is asleep or awake at any given hour (assuming nightly 8 hour sleep periods). I learned a lot by looking at it. Mostly, that when the US and South America are asleep the entire rest of the world is awake. I guess that’s not surprising. Not nearly as surprising as how much my roommate sleeps. Now that I think about it he might be dead. Or make-believe. My point is this: I’m the exception and not the rule to this visualization because I sleep all day and make love all night. “He works 9 to 5 and is asleep by 8PM.” Honey! “What?” What about last Friday? “He worked 9 to 5, ate a whole large pizza and breadsticks, and fell asleep playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla by 9PM.” I’m a party animal.