But were there any abominable snowmen to dodge?
POV Footage From 2021’s Mountain Of Hell Glacier Downhill Bike Race Winning Run

This is the helmet-cam footage of Killian Bron’s winning run of the 2021 Mountain Of Hell downhill mountain bike race held on the Glacier des Deux Alps in the northern French Alps. The race, which Killain also won in 2019, consists of a 25km (15.5-mile) course over snow, ice, pebbles and rock, with a 2,500m (8,202-foot, ~1.55-mile) vertical descent. During the race, Killian reaches speeds up to 100km/h (62MPH), which I think we can all agree is entirely too fast to ever travel on a bicycle unless you just rode out of the back of an airplane for a Red Bull commercial.