Watch out for paper cuts LOLOL
Artist’s 50-Hour Process Of Folding Single Sheet Of Paper Into A Samurai Warrior

Because dream it and you can achieve it, this is a video of Finnish artist Juho Könkkölä folding a single square piece of 68cm (~27-inch) “wafer-thin Wenzhou paper” into a 20cm (~8-inch) samurai warrior over the course of 50 hours (thankfully, the video is condensed to five minutes) with no cutting or ripping — only folding. For reference, one time I wrote my phone number on a bar napkin and folded it and gave it to a girl but she just spit her gum in it and threw it away. Another time I tried folding an origami crane but it didn’t have a tail or left wing. So, obviously, Juho and I should probably collaborate on our next project.

Thanks again to my dad, who, for three tips in one day (and in a row!), not only receives a gold star sticker, but dinner on me at Greenbriar the next time I can visit.

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