That's a lot of onesies to knit.
Australian Woman Welcomes A Bunch Of Baby Huntsman Spiders Into The World


This is a video of Australian woman Claudia welcoming a bunch of baby huntsman spiders into the world with a “they’re so cute!” and not a gas can and lighter like many would be tempted to do. Apparently Claudia discovered the babies upon walking into her daughter’s room one morning. What a pleasant surprise. Me? I’m also a friend of spiders. My girlfriend is forever screaming about them and I’m forever catching them in cups and letting them go outside. Claudia here says she’s just going to open the window and let the spiders venture outside on their own. That’s smart. Or at least it would be if this weren’t Australia and there wasn’t something way worse waiting to come in through that open window.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees sometimes the sign it’s time to move comes to you in an instant.