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Awww: Bird Lover’s Solution To Prevent Birds From Flying Into Your Windows

This is a video of bird lover Alex Sally providing a little trick to help prevent birds from flying into your windows and hurting themselves, or worse. The solution? Using a fine-tipped white pen made for writing on glass to draw vertical lines on a window narrow enough (around 4″) that the birds won’t want to fly through the make-believe gaps. Alex says the lines are so fine they’re barely noticeable to a homeowner (I would argue otherwise based on the view he shows from inside the home), but birds will avoid them. And there you have it! Alternatively, just smash all your windows with a brick and let the wildlife come inside. That’s what I did, and now I’m practically running my own wildlife sanctuary. “Raccoons ran us out of the house.” Honey! “What?” Gaia works in mysterious ways.