Classic dad right there!
And The Father Of The Year Award Goes To…

Note: Make sure the video volume is on.

This guy — TikTok user amandaf4338’s husband, who asks his daughter to hold the door open for him while he attempts to bring in all the food in one trip, and proceeds to drop a full drink right in her face, then continues inside with a casual “That’s okay, sorry, accidents happen!” while she takes off crying. Is it even possible to be a better parent? I mean we might as well give this man the Father Of The Year award for 2022 as well because I foresee a lot of accidentally getting left at stores in this girl’s future.


When your husband wins dad of the year 😂🥇💀 ##CustomersMostLoved ##AEHolidayForever ##ohnononono ##dadsoftiktok @coreylee937

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Thanks to JustA, who agrees what is dumping a gatorade cooler on your coach if not an act of love?