*poking with a broom handle* Stay down there!
Boba Fett Escaping Sarlaac Pit Optical Illusion Rug

Can you even call a house a home without a Star Wars theme throughout tying it all together? You cannot, and to help add a little Star Wars flair to your flooring comes this Boba Fett escaping the Great Pit of Carkoon optical illusion run from Swanlion (completely unlicensed, and officially the ‘Starship Round Carpet’). Available in sizes S – 2XL (23″ – 59″) for $40 – $100, from just the right angle it looks like Boba Fett escaping the Sarlaac Pit. From any other angle it also looks like Boba Fett escaping the Sarlaac Pit, just less convincingly. Covered in vomit it will look disgusting, and with a La-Z-Boy on top it would be hard to tell it’s a Sarlaac Pit at all. Do what you will with that information, just try not to get any Bothans killed in the process.