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SUV Pulls Away From Gas Pump With Nozzle Still In Tank, Sparking Fire

This is some footage (of a security monitor — my favorite kind of video) captured by gas station attendant Nickole Dairy at her Saint Maries, Idaho gas station, where an SUV pulls away from the pump with the nozzle still in the tank, sparking a gas fire. There’s also a follow-up video of the gas station attendant who was on duty at the time (not Nickole) reacting to the blaze from inside the store. How exhilarating! I wonder how it was finally put out. Because if I were on duty I would have peed on it. Would that have extinguished the blaze OR FUELED THE FIRE? I guess that depends on how much I’ve been drinking, but one time I peed on a campfire and my urine was so flammable it traveled back in time and ignited the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, so that gas station would probably look like ground zero for the meteor that killed all the dinosaurs right now.

Keep going for the videos while I reminisce about the time one of my highschool girlfriend’s mom did this and laugh silently to myself. Ah, memories.

@wildchild_208 Should I do a Part 2 of the attendant that day? #worklife #gasstation #NorthIdaho #SaintMaries #MyJob #Scary #gasfire ♬ S.O.B. – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

@wildchild_208 part 2 with the gas attendant reaction#gasfire #SaintMaries #SaintMaries #NorthIdaho #gasstation #Scary ♬ Austin Powers – Various Artists

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