Damn that's a big bear!
Caretaker Hangs Out With Giant Rescued Brown Bear

These are several videos of bear caretaker (beartaker) Jim Kowalczik on the grounds of the bear-oriented Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York hanging out with Leo, a Syrian brown bear who has formed a special bond with Jim. Don’t give it any cocaine! Some info about the center and its work:

We have 11 bears of varying species living on our property. They are part of our Educational Program. …Our unique relationship with them is based on endless trust and caring. We have known them all of their lives, and we will always remain committed to them. …

These animals, especially the bears, are not a job. The permanent residents here are truly like their children and are treated and cared for as such…..Our true mission is to rescue and release animals BACK to the wild. That’s what we want to see – these wonderful animals get a little help – and then get back out where they belong!

I love the people who love the animals. The people who do not love the animals? Rotten apples in my book. Now I’m not saying I’d get all cuddly with a bear (I’ve seen Grizzly Man), but I can respect the people that do, even if they are totally nuts.